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  • When will the Reserve Self-Assignment Program go into effect?
    The target date for going live with the production system is August 1st, 2022.
  • I never request a trip - do I need to use this program?
    No, you would only use this program if you want to enter your requests for pairings as either call me first or what you would like to be awarded if available. This program is designed to replace the Reserve F/A Trip Request in Flica which was manually processed by a Crew Scheduler.
  • I'm a senior Reserve FA who remains as "Last Call" or RLV, how does this contract change affect me?
    Once the new program goes "Live" (Target date is August 1, 2022) The Reserve list will convert from inverse seniority to a "Bucket" system. Your seniority will still be valid, but it will also be affected by your "Days of Availability". Information about the "Bucket" and "DOA" terms can be found in the FAQs. It is also recommended that you review the Contract section which can be found on the RSA homepage.
  • When is the deadline for submitting my Request?
    With this new program you may submit your request up to 1330 LDT (Local Domicile Time) the day prior to the departure date.
  • What are DOAs?
    Days of Availability You will always have your "Core" DOA bidding which is your DOA minus 1. Example: You have 4 Days of Availability you would be able to request a 4 and or a 3 day pairings. Your core is 4 - 1 = 3
  • What is a "Bucket"?
    On the Reserve Daily Schedule you will be placed in a Reserve "Bucket" according to your DOAs...
  • What are "Bid Rules"?
    Bid rules are what Crew Scheduling can manipulate to increase or decrease the types of pairings you're able to request based on your Days of Availability. The bid rule adjustments will be made after 1700 LDT two days prior. As mentioned in the what are DOAs FAQ section, you will always have your "core" bid rules intact which is DOA minus 1. EX: You have 3 days of availability - you are qualified for 2 and 3 day groupings because you have 3 days of Reserve. The bid rules may be modified 2 days in advance of the pairing date by Crew Scheduling. In order to view any modification you would log into the program 2 days prior to the pairing date, go to the "My Bid" and select "View Bid Rules"
  • When are the bid rules adjusted?
    The bid rule adjustments will be made after 1700 LDT two days prior. The reason for the timing of the bid rule adjustment is Crew Scheduling needs to know what the coverage looks like two days out, to be able to offer flexibility in the request. They will need all the trips to be covered first (both RSA and assignment) and the reserve list completed to determine that coverage. This will line up with the publishing of the DFS at 17:00.
  • Where do I find the length of pairing I can request?
    After logging on to the RSA website, click on "MY BID" and select "BID RULES"
  • I like to "stack" my workdays - what can I request?
    The contract states that FAs with 6 or more DOAs may request 6 and 5 day pairings. It also states that Crew Scheduling may make allowances based on Reserve coverage. (see a. of contract diagram) Below: An example of an FA with 10 DOAs where the bid rules have been modified by CS to allow for requesting more than the "core" 5 or more day grouping. Here is the associated contract section:
  • Can I request to go back on the Reserve List?
    There is no option in the program allowing you to remain on the list. If you decide to enter a request, here's an example of what can happen: Your request for a pairing is awarded Your request was not available, but you were assigned a pairing Your request was not available and you were not assigned a pairing - you may still be assigned after the award or will remain on the list. If you want to stay on the Reserve list as CML it's best not to enter a request for that day.
  • Do I have to go into Flica and convert my RLV to R day to use Call Me First?
    No, by checking the Call Me First check box in the RSA program, it will automatically recognize your request.
  • How do I know if my Request was Awarded?
    If you are awarded a pairing it should be on your Flica schedule before the Daily Flight Schedule is printed. The exact timing will vary since folder processing times will vary. You may also check the "My Result" tab in the RSA program. If there was a pairing that met or matched one of your requests, you will receive an award result or if denied, a denial explanation. If a Crew Scheduler had to manipulate your award in any manner, you would receive a response in the "My Result" section of the program as well.
  • Where is the link to the "Live Version"?
    Click on the file below for more information
  • What types of training will be provided?
    As of this entry (June 1, 2022) the following is planned: For the month of June we will have Live online training sessions going over the contract changes and an overview of the program. The website will be the primary resource for online training materials and will be updated as needed. For the month of July we will continue to have the Live online training sessions, but will supplement with FA Trainers in the FA Lounges - for both bases. Look for the announcements that will be forthcoming from the company and union regarding presentation dates and in-lounge visits.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions or want to report an issue ?
    Please use the Flica Inquiry form located here and on the Inflight website under Crew Scheduling

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