RSV F/A Last Call


  • Reserve FA's have the ability to convert R (Workdays) to RLV which is the new code designation for "call me last". You'll notice a new button "LAST CALL" that will allow you to select some or all of the R days on your schedule to convert.


  • You are able to convert it back to a regular R day by reversing the process if you want to make a specific request for that day. Once converted back to R day, use the RSV F/A Trip Request folder to submit your request.

How To Request Reserve Last Call 

01. After logging in scroll to the RSV / FA Last Call folder

02. Click on "Submit or View Requests" 

03. Click on LAST CALL button

04. Click on LAST CALL button for every R day

05. Highlight and select RLV for EVERY R day 

06. After Highlighting RLV the button will convert to "undo" 

07. Scroll up to top of page to view the Selected Dates, confirm, and then click the Submit Button

08. After clicking on the Submit button you will be taken to the View Request Queue where the status will be PENDING

09. This folder is set to auto-process within a minute barring any holds in the system (Crew Scheduling side)

10. Verify that your R days have been converted to RLV. If you miss one repeat the process for that day.

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