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Pick Up A Trip 


UPDATE: New Waives check box for Tradeboard Requests!  (Available 5/21/14)

  • Fixes Minimum Day Off Issue

  • Use: Recommended to use with every tradeboard request to avoid a denial message

  • When you click to request a pairing from the tradeboard you will receive a the following pop-up screen:  












If you fly high time or longer trips it's highly recommended you use the Waive days off away from domicile feature.


The following are the most common ways to pick up a trip in FLICA:


  • From the Tradeboard in either the NANI & Cleared ETCH, ETCH Drop, or Request in the BID or RSV FA Request folders - select "Tradeboard" - "All Requests" and then you may use the sort option to find the specifc dates or pairing types you're looking for. Please see the FLICA help file for more information on using the sort feature. You may access the help flie by clicking on the question mark icon as seen in the diagram below.

  • Posting a "PICK UP" request in the NANI & Cleared ETCH folder. FAs may then "offer" a trip to you on your requested date(s)





Tradeboard Sort Preferences Window - highlighting the help file icon.


Clicking on this icon will bring up the specific information for the specific screen you're on.

PLEASE NOTE: The sort option will carry over from folder to folder. You may need to clear your sort options in order to view specific pairings in the queue for that particular folder.

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