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RSV F/A Trip Requests


  • The general button is still available for text requests - again, short and to the point is best. CS will be denying requests that have unnecessary information included.

  • Last Call requests using the "Other" button will be denied. Be sure to use the Last Call button to request low priority standby. However, if you want to include a specific request that includes a prioritized list that has a last call request in it is acceptable. i.e. "1) AM II, 2) low priority standby"​

  • Please note approval is just an acknowledgment that your request has been received. As with any trip request, you will check Crew Web the day prior to your request to see if it was awarded. If so, please self-notify or not available, contact Crew Scheduling to sign off.


Requesting on Reserve days:

A Reserve Flight Attendant can request for specific trips or ARC on their reserve days. These requests need to be submitted via FLica in the Reserve Trip Request Folder. Requests for reserve days need to be submitted two days prior to the date of departure.


For example, if you are on reserve on May 3rd, you have between 00:01 on May 1st and 00:01 on May 2nd (24 hours) to submit your request for the 3rd.  You cannot submit too early or the too late or else your request will be denied.

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