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Opentime Requests - Automated folder @ 1800 - may have holds during processing until CS clears them manually




Opentime Requests


  • In this first phase of implementation, only "ADD" requests are to be processed automatically. "SWAP" requests will be held for manual processing (for now) and a new feature will be introduced in the next phase of implementation - a "DROP" button will allow you to drop your pairing into opentime given positive Resverve FA coverage ratios for that period. At that point, all of these functions will be automated.

  • New - "Waive Days Away From Domicile" check box

  • New - Language pairing buttons will be inactive if you are not qualified for that particular language

  • New - Responses will be more consistent and system generated

  • New - In the "Part 2 of 2" section, the new default setting will submit multiple pairings as separate requests (as opposed to all in one request) this should help cut down on inadvertent mistakes.

  • The prioritization feature is active

  • RSV F/As may add a pairing(s) on GDOs.

  • May not drop/swap segments into opentime (click on the button below for more information)

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