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Calendar Cross Over when selecting dates for your Preference

Verify the month and WEEK you are requesting. Some FAs have selected the 6th-week date when they meant to select the 1st or 2nd. See highlighted example below:


Title                         Bid FA and GDO Pick-up Trip Requests


To                            ALL FLIGHT ATTENDANTS


Date Issued            January 29th, 2018


Effective date         February 7th 2018


Great News! 


We are excited to announce the automation of the Trip Request process in FLICA. At this time the enhancement will be for the Bid FA & GDO Pick-up Trip Requests folder. This folder will be activated (go-live) on February 7, 2018.



Here are some of the enhanced features of the Bid FA & GDO Pick-up Trip Request folder:

  • You will no longer enter text requests as this will be replaced with preference options that can be selected from a drop-down menu.

  • Crew Schedulers will no longer copy and paste requests onto a spreadsheet to process, all requests will be handled in the folder.

  • This folder will begin awarding at 10:30HST each day, for trips departing the next day.

  • You will now have up until 10:30 LDT (Local Domicile Time) the day prior to trip departure to submit your preferences.

  • Preferences will now expire at the end of the Bid FA & GDO pick-up process instead of 16:00 LDT as currently stated in the AFA contract.

  • Reserve Trip Requests will continue to be handled the way they are today.

Training Materials

Look for Trip Request instruction documents detailing the associated changes, including examples of how to enter request preferences, in the following locations:

  • FLICA – Instruction document will be located in the Trip Request Folder

  • – TR instruction document will be posted on the website           

  • IFS Website – Planning & Scheduling – FLICA and Trades page will also post an instruction document.



If you encounter any issues or have any questions with the new folder please submit a FLICA inquiry detailing your concern. The FLICA Inquiry Form is located on the IFS Website – Planning & Scheduling. General questions may also be sent to


We believe this is a very large step towards creating greater transparency both you and Crew Schedulers. We hope this enhancement will create a better experience for all involved with this process.



Your Crew Scheduling Team

Welcome to the Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant FLICA Information Website!

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