Here are some of the enhanced features of the Bid FA & GDO Pick-up Trip Request folder:

  • All pick-up and swap requests will be processed by the system except for Vacation or Sick Leave make-up (as these award highest priority) and GDO Pick-ups.

  • You will no longer enter text requests as this will be replaced with preference options that can be selected from a drop-down menu.

  • Crew Schedulers will no longer copy and paste requests onto a spreadsheet to process, all requests will be handled in the folder.

  • This folder will begin awarding at 10:30HST each day, for trips departing the next day.

  • You will now have up until 10:30HST the day prior to trip departure to submit your preferences.

  • Preferences will now expire at the end of the Bid FA & GDO pick-up process instead of 16:00 LDT as currently stated in the AFA contract.

  • Reserve Trip Requests will continue to be handled the way they are today.

  • If you submit a trip request and subsequently get the trip you want before trip request is processed, you need to cancel your trip request

Bid FA & GDO Trip Request Instructions 


  • Navigate to the *NEW* BID FA & GDO Trip Requests Folder

  • Select the "Submit or View Preferences" link

  • This will take you to the Submit Preferences Page

  • Click on "ADD A NEW REQUEST"

  • If you are SWAPPING - create a preference for the same pairing date of your pairing.

  • If you are ADDING - create a preference for the date you want to fly.

  • The Preference Selection Window will open (Note: Allow Pop Ups for your Browser)

  • Click On the Drop Down Menu

  • For Sick Leave or Vacation Make-Up Select "Request Option..." Then select the appropriate item from the drop-down menu

Building A Preference - Preferred Method 

  • Flight Attendants will no longer enter text into the program. You will be building Preference Requests – like entering a bid request in PBS. There are many generic options, but we recommend that you utilize the “Specific Pairings” request for best results. Once you have built these requests, you may re-arrange priority in the queue.​

  • Flica uses the Pairing Filters to help you identify pairings that match your criteria. Again, we stress that the best option is to select the date and pairing number if the specific pairing you want is a high priority.

  • Select "Specific Pairings"...

  • Follow Directions Indicated in the selection box...Note: Recommend choosing individual pairing / date

  • Add To List Below - Note: Adding more than one pairing will indicate "Any of these"

  • APPLY 

  • By clicking on "Pick the Days" another pop-up window appears. Select the month and then date for the first day of the pairing only (you do not need to select the days of the pairing footprint)


  • The program will now show your request on the main Preference page - This is confirmation of your submission.

  • Example of 3 pairing choices for the same date. These are prioritized top to bottom 1-3

  • You may change the order by selecting the double lines with arrows to left of the name column and dragging to the desired location

  • To view the status of your request, click on the "View OT Request Status" link in the folder

  • If you do not see a response it is an indication that there were no matching pairings for your request thus nothing was awarded or denied.

  • If you're preference matches with and Open Time pairing you will either receive an "Approved", "Denied" or "(FA) Not Available

  • The Denial Message "(FA) Not Available" indicates that the pairing was awarded for Sick Leave Makeup or Vacation Makeup 

Preference Award  & Critical Information

  • Trip Requests can be submitted up to 10:30 HST the day prior to the pairing date

  • Sick Leave & Vacation Make Up preferences are processed first according to seniority -  followed by general ADD/SWAP Requests

  • When a pairing is swapped for another pairing, the swapped pairing from that FA is then added to the pool for the same award. The program will then start at the top of the queue looking for matches. It will continue that process until the award is complete. 

  • When submitting Preference Requests, the program will identify if you have a pairing on the date requested. If  there is a pairing on your line, it will swap it for your request if available. If you do not have a pairing on that date, it will ADD it to your schedule. For that reason it is imperative that you do the following if you have dropped or traded a pairing on the date you requested:


  • To delete a request use the trash icon under the "Actions" Column

For Flica Inquiries please use the Flica Inquiry Form located in the "Forms" section of the IFS website

Please direct general questions to Halflica@HawaiianAir.com

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