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Trade with another Flight Attendant


How to perform a Trade in FLICA


Trading in Flica is a two part process of initiation and acceptance. The first FA will initiate the trade by navigating to the particular folder for the type of pairing they will be trading, either NANI or ETCH. Select “Submit or View Requests” and then click on the “Trade” button at the top of the screen. Follow steps 1-6. Once the trade has been submitted, the FA you are trading with will need to log into FLICA and click “Accept” in the trade notification box.  



Trade Tips 


Steps 1-2 Select the pairing you wish to trade and click next

Step 3 – Click on the ellipsis button  to type in the FA’s name if you don't know their employee number (or enter their employee number and then click on the ellipsis button to bring up their schedule- if published). Click on their name it to populate the Emp.# field

Step 4 – For bid FAs use PRG (Pairing) and add the prefix “H” for HNL and “L” for LAX when adding in the other FA’s pairing number

Step 5 – Special Handling: Include instructions for the Scheduler’s processing. This should be used when performing multiple trades, i.e., “Part 1 of 3- part trade”. CS has asked that your remarks be as concise as possible

Step 6 – The other FA must log into their account to accept the trade. CS won’t receive the trade request until this step is performed.

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