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FLICA Device Requirements                                             


If you are experiencing problems accessing or requesting trips in FLICA, it is most likely an issue with the either the device you are accessing the program with or the web browser by not allowing pop-ups for FLICA. Please see the note below if you are using an Apple hand held device.


Browser reccommendations are:


PC users: Internet Explorer and Google Chrome


Apple Desktop or Laptop users (supports java) Google Chrome and Safari


Android: Use Chrome


iPad & iPhone: See the image below for mobile access details. Due to the lack of java support, Flica has a mobile designed website you may use for a small monthly fee.


Please make sure you have the latest versions of these browsers and you have updated your java. You may do that at


If all else fails you should contact FLICA Crewmember support:















iPad & iPhone users that use Safari as a default browser follow instructions below:


iPhone & iPad: Settings - Safari - Pop up Blocker - off


Safari on a Mac: - Safari - Preferences - Security - (uncheck) Block pop-up windows


Windows: Select button below







Note:FLICA does not (officially) support hand-held devices (iPhone & iPad) without adding an additional service. However you may be able to perform many routine tasks without subscribing. If you decide you want to subscribe , log into your account under My Account - select FLICA Services. Clicking on the image below will take you to the login screen. 

Welcome to the Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant FLICA Information Website!

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