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Reserve Information 
  • Reserve FAs will need to check off with Crew Scheduling the day prior to their Reserve day (Including RLV)

  • Check the IFS website after 4 pm HST to view the DFS for your Reserve schedule and Duty Period

  • Log into Crew Trac and sign off by checking the notification box

Reserve Guide  (Memo Dated 5.03.20)

Attention Reserve Flight Attendants:


Due to the current crisis, our schedule is but a fragment of what it used to be a few months ago. With this significant reduction in flying, the May award resulted in many Flight Attendants who would otherwise hold a bidline, now on reserve. Below is a quick guide to help you maneuver the Reserve processes. Please note this is only a brief guide with general items and does not cover all reserve processes or nuances.


Types of Reserves:

  1. Home Reserves/Home Standbys- Reserves who are called from the Reserve list when assignments become available on the day of departure

  2. Worldwide Airport Reserves (WW ARC)- Reserves who sit in the crew center and can be assigned to board or work International(worldwide) flights. In the absence of an ii ARC, they can be assigned to board and/or work inter-island flights.

  3. Inter-island Reserve Desk (ii ARC)- Reserves who sit in the crew center and can be assigned to board or work inter-island flights.


Call-me-first vs call-me-last:

For those Reserves who want to fly, you are call-me-first which is indicated by the “R” day on your schedule. Via Flica you can request specific trips in the Reserve Trip Request folder or make no request at all. If you do not make a request and you are call-me-first, you will still be assigned the highest credit trip at your seniority. If you end up on the Reserve standby list, you will be listed in seniority order based on the Reserve period you are assigned, this tends to be the earlier reserve period.

R DAY EX 1.png

For those Reserves who do not want to fly unless they have to, you would want to be call-me-last, which is indicated by the “RLV” code on your schedule. You can request “RLV” via Flica in the “RSV Last Call” folder. If you end up on the Reserve standby List, you will be listed in inverse seniority order based on the Reserve period you are assigned. Typically, the more senior reserves will fall towards to later reserve period however this is dependent on rest or some other factors. As of 2021, all schedules are pre-loaded as RLV. You would only convert your RLV to R if you want to remove the "Last Call" designation.


Here is a link to help guide you through requesting call-me-last  - (NOTE: use this as a guide for converting "RLV" to an "R" day)

R DAY EX 2.png

Requesting on Reserve days:

A Reserve Flight Attendant can request for specific trips or ARC on their reserve days. These requests need to be submitted via FLica in the Reserve Trip Request Folder. Requests for reserve days need to be submitted two days prior to the date of departure. For example, if you are on reserve on May 3rd, you have between 00:01 on May 1st and 00:01 on May 2nd (24 hours) to submit your request for the 3rd.  You cannot submit too early or the too late or else your request will be denied.

Here is a link to help guide you through the Reserve Trip Request 

Requesting on GDOs

Requesting on GDOs:

Reserves can request to pick up pairings on their GDO’s. Such a request can be submitted through any folder in Flica, noting the rules of that folder will apply. All GDO’s must be published to allow you to pick up on such days.  For example, if you request a carry-out trip that starts on May 31st, but the June schedule is not yet published, your request will be denied because you do not have a GDO on June 1st as yet.  The important thing to remember about picking up on your GDO’s is that you must be legal for the pairing you are attempting to pick up.


The legality here is based on rest and any conflicts with Reserve days. For the purpose of picking up on your GDO’s a Reserve day is measured from 00:00- 23:59, regardless of what reserve period you may be assigned. If you are picking up on a GDO that directly precedes a Reserve day, the pairing must have a release time no later than twelve (12) noon. If you are picking up on a GDO that directly follows a Reserve day, the earliest the pairing can check-in is twelve (12) noon. You will not be allowed to pick up a pairing on your GDO’s that creates a 24 in 7 rest violation (24 hours rest every 7 days) on your reserve days.

Signing Off/Self-notify:

All Reserve Flight Attendants must sign-off for their schedule between 16:00-20:00 the day prior to each Reserve day. To sign-off, you will need to do so in Crew Trac (Flica does not have the capability to allow you to sign-off). Once you log-in and click on your schedule you will get a pop-up box that will indicate each of your notifications.


Click the checkbox on the left for each notification and then click update. The notification box will look like the one below. Once you do this you will be considered notified and your task is complete.  A notification is usually indicated by a black arrow on that day (shown below). Only if you are having difficulty self-notifying should you call Crew Scheduling to sign-off.

Schedule Notification.jpg

Assignments from the Reserve List:

When Crew Scheduling assigns trips to those Reserves on the standby list, they assign based on credit hours. The highest credit trip available at the time when the trip(s) are being assigned, will go to the highest person on the Reserve List. Once you have been assigned, if a higher credit trip becomes available, no subsequent changes will be made. Assignments are done based on the trips that are available at the time of the assignment.

Call out times:

The minimum call-out times for an inter-island trip is two (2) hours. Sometimes the unplanned absence may occur less than 2 hours prior to check-in but at least two hours prior to departure. In such a case, the Scheduler will direct you to go straight to the gate and will arrange a pre-border to assist with the boarding process until you get there.

The call-out time for an International trip is not to exceed three (3) hours.  This means it can range from two (2) to three (3) hours but the Reserve FA is expected to make their best effort to get to the airport as soon as she/he can. If a Scheduler calls you with less than the prescribed time above, we ask that you try to make the flight. If you are not able to make the flight but made a good faith attempt, it will not be held against you for disciplinary purposes.

Schedule updates:

Since the reserve assignments and creation of the Reserve standby list is a manual process for Crew Scheduling, with the number of Reserves we have for May it would take us too long to create. To help speed up this process we have awarded a preliminary reserve period for all Reserve days for the month.


You can self-notify for the entire month now, however, please note you are still required to check your schedule the day prior to each Reserve day to sign-off for any assignments or adjustments that may have been made to your schedule. If there is no notification box or the black arrow on that day, then there are no changes to your schedule.


If you are senior and got placed in the later reserve period but would like to fly, please ensure you are listed as call-me-first (an "R" designation as opposed to "RLV" call-me-last) or submit a request and you will be moved to the earliest reserve period if not assigned.

24/7 code:

If you notice a 24/7 code on your schedule, please note you now have that day free from Reserve duty. The 24/7 code is used by Scheduling to indicate a day without reserve duty for Reserves. It is not a day-off that can count towards minimum days off.

R DAY 24 7.png

Hope this helps,

Your Scheduling Team

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