Vacation Make Up (Updated 2020)

  • Once the 7-day vacation period is cancelled, Crew Scheduling will add the AVL code to the Flight Attendant’s schedule to replace the vacation days.

  • Flight Attendants will have two options to make up the lost time. They can pick-up a trip(s) either through the Open Time process or through the Trip Request process. They can pick-up trips anytime during the month for VMU. Since all make-up requests are now processed at seniority (7.K), the Flight Attendant wishing to do make-up, must request trips through the normal pick-up process in the applicable folders and if awarded must contact Crew Scheduling to advise they would like to apply Vacation Make-Up for that trip(s).

  • Remember each vacation day carries a credit of 3 hours, so you need to review their schedule to determine how many hours they need to make-up.

  • Once the Flight Attendant made up their hours as noted above (18.M.2), Crew Scheduling will remove the AVL days from their schedule to reflect the make-up was completed. If the Flight Attendant does not pick-up flying, she/he can be assigned only on the AVL days.

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