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FLICA Rules Overview


Folders open for the new month on the 25th. ETCH Drop folder awards on the 26th. Opentime folder is scheduled to open 3 days prior to the end of the bid period. Review Bid Packet Calendar for key dates.


  • NANI: North American, Neighbor Island

  • ETCH (rhymes with "wretch"): Extended Range, Turns, Charters, Holidays

  • ER trips may only be traded with other ER trips (ETCH Trade folder)

  • Turns may only be traded with other Turns (ETCH Trade folder) 

  • Charters may only be traded with other Charters

  • Holidays may only be traded with other Holidays

  • ETCH pairings must be posted in the ETCH Drop folder from 0600-1800 before they become "cleared"

  • "Cleared" ETCH Pairings may now be traded with non-ETCH pairings.

  • Once the hold period has ended and your ETCH pairing has not been picked up, you can choose to either remove it or keep it posted in the ETCH drop folder. You may additionally post it in the "NANI & Cleared ETCH folder which is first-come, first-serve. TIP - edit your Tradeboard post and add a comment "Also In NANI & Cleared ETCH" or "In Cleared ETCH" so someone can pick it up prior to the 1800 processing time.

  • Holiday Pay pairings i.e. Thanksgiving, must be posted in the ETCH Drop folder for the hold period when dropping

  • Charter pairings must be posted in the ETCH Drop folder for the hold period when dropping

  • TRADES and DROPS inside of  12 hours of the pairing date are processed in the Short-Term folder (ETCH Drop excluded)

  • Deletions in the ETCH Drop folder may be made by the FA. These deletions are monitored for compliance with the seniority rules.  For deletion instruction please click here.

  • Please note that ER for ER, Turn for Turn and Charter for Charter supersede the Holiday for Holiday trade rules. Example: You could not trade a Turn on December 25th with an ER pairing unless they both have met the hold and have cleared.

  • Please read all memos below.

 Policies & Procedures:


  • Carryout trades are not accepted from when the bids close on the 17th until the final award has been posted on the 20th of the month

  • Carry out requests for RSV FAs requesting on GDOs where the pairing carries over into the following month are not allowed

  • Trade requests for next day operation should be placed in the relevant short-term folder for processing

  • RSV FA Trip requests can only be made 2 days in advance of the pairing date

  • Bid FA & GDO Trip requests may be made up to 10:30 a.m. HST, prior to the pairing date

  • Bid Trip Requests may be canceled before 10:30 a.m. HST prior to the pairing date

  • RSV FA Trip requests that include personal information or are deemed too long will not be honored. Please keep it short and to the point.

  • ETCH Drop processing information: (i) Sort requests for processing as follows:(a) Drops (one-way Trades) in Seniority order, senior to junior, based on the seniority of the responder. (b) Priority is based on the time FA submits. The First one submitted is the top priority. This makes it difficult to drop and pick up in the same award. It is recommended to clear your schedule of any potential conflicts first.


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