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Reserve Self-Assignment          

Reserve Self-Assignment will go LIVE August 1, 2022!

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Welcome to the new Reserve Self-Assignment Information section of the website! 

What you should know...

  • The Reserve Self-Assignment component will replace the manual entry of the Reserve Request Folder in Flica.

  • ELP Aviation has created a separate software program called "ReserveBid" that is accessible via its own website. It will not be contained or accessed via Flica.

  • Reserve FAs wishing to enter preferences for an assignment will use their Hawaiian Airlines Single Sign On (SSO) credentials to access the program via a new website URL.

Review the Reserve Self-Assignment Contract Section

  • It is highly recommended that you review the changes made with the new contract. You can access that page with the button below.

Use the Quickstart Guide!

  • Looking to get right to the program? Click on the link below to take a step-by-step overview of the ReserveBid program.

FAQ Page...

  • Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section!

Language Qualified Flight Attendant Section

  • Reserve Language Flight Attendants should be familiar with the LQ provisions made with the new program...

Live Team Meetings and Training Videos

  • Short training videos offer an overview of the program and some of its features.

Contact the RSA Team!

  • Please select the button below to fill out the Flica Inquiry Form. This form will be received by your Reserve Self-Assignment Training team. Please highlight the RSA portion of the menu and then use the text box at the end of the form to provide as much detail as possible to your issue any questions you may have. 

My Results - Example Page

  • Click on the button below to view an example of the "My Results" page and an example of the new format of the Reserve Daily Flight Schedule!

Welcome to the Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant FLICA Information Website!

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