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Reserve Self-Assignment      Language Qualification Information           

As a Language Qualified Reserve FA, you may be subject to a "clawback" or correction of a potential award if Crew Scheduling is not able to fill an open LQ position. Please review the pertinent contract sections below...

Section 8 J P_04_LQ_1.jpg
Section 8 J P_05_LQ_2.jpg
Section 8 J P_07_LQ_3.jpg
Section 8 J P_08_LQ_4.jpg
Section 8 J P_09_LQ_5.jpg
Section 8 J P_10_LQ_6.jpg

Crew Scheduling may Rescind an award in order to certain pairings. This may include LQ Lead positions...

Section 8 J P_15.JPG
Section 8 J P_16.JPG
Section 8 J P_17.JPG
Section 8 J P_18.JPG

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