ETCH Trade Short -Term





ETCH Trade Short-Term (NEW)


  • ETCH Trade requests that fall inside of 12 hours of departure date (basically next day operation) will be processed in this folder. When submitting a trade or drop request in this folder you would use the "Submit or View Requests" link. This proceedure alerts the Schedulers to your transaction which allows them the time needed to adjust required International documents and or adjust travel and hotel arrangements. Only pairings that fit in this time frame will be processed. There is no advantage of submitting a request that does not meet this short-term trade critera in this folder since it is manually processed.

  • Please note that ER for ER, Turn for Turn and Charter for Charter superscede the Holiday for Holiday trade rules. Example: You could not trade a Turn on December 25th with a ER pairing unless they both have met the hold and have cleared.

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