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How to Delete a Post or Cancel a Request


Deleting a Posted Trip on the Tradeboard


  • Click on the Tradeboard link where your trip has been posted

  • The page defaults to "My Requests"

  • Locate the trip you want to cancel and place a check in the box and select delete

  • You will be met with a pop-up window indicating that there may be requests pending for that trip and by removing it from the tradeboard does NOT remove those requests

  • Click on "Main Menu" at the top left of the screen

  • Select "Submit or View Requests" in the folder where you had just deleted your Tradeboard post

  • You should find a list of FAs that have submitted a request for your trip. If you don't see any requests then you have successfully deleted the post. Go to the next step if there are requests.

  • If you have requests for your trip you will need to check the status of  the request. If it is "Pending" you may check the box "Cancel/Hide" and click on it - that will delete those requests and you will see in the response "Canceled by CM" (Crewmember)

  • If the status is marked as "Processing" you can't delete it and must wait for it to process.


Please email use the Flica Inquiry Form if you need assistance with this procedure.


Deleting a Request for a Trip you Requested (NANI, ETCH & Short Term Folders)


  • Click on "Submit of View Requests" of the folder where your submission was made. "Pending" status requests may be deleted by the Crew member. If it is marked as "Processing" you will need to contact CS in order for them to deny it.


Please email use the Flica Inquiry Form if you need assistance with this procedure.


Canceling a Bid F/A & GDO Trip Request

  • Delete your preference. Be sure to delete any previously submitted preferences if you have already picked up or dropped at pairing on that date. If you forget you run the risk of having a trip added or swapped to your schedule.


Canceling a RSV F/A Trip Request


  • Submit a new request indicating your desire to cancel the submission ( please provide details as to what that request included)













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