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Please review the FLICA News section below for information regarding current known issues and fixes for the program. The menus above offer information about each folder, folder rules and common program related tasks.


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Denied Due To Rest Issue?

If you receive a denial due to a rest issue it may be your VAC, UN, or COB abscence that is the cause. Please send an inquiry to halflica@hawaiianair.com with details for processing. This issue is currently being addressed by Sabre Development.



Single Segment Trades / Drops

There is currently an known issue when trying to trade or drop a segment that has been previously separated from the pairing. Example: You drop the PDX-HNL segment and now want to drop the HNL-PDX portion. In order to accomplish this you will need to contact CS via Halflica@hawaiianair.com with the details of the trade.


Click Here For Problems clicking to request or other access issues...


Denied for less than 6 days off?  

If you receive this denial message when picking up a trip from the Tradeboard "CS: Less than 6 Days Off on schedule" Try again and check the WAIVE DAYS OFF check box. See update regarding tradeboard waives box above.




"Trip not in opentime pot" - It was awarded to a senior bidder - this will change with the next update to show the FA it was awarded to. 


Please report any segment trade issues by using the "Flica Inquiry" link of this website.

Folder and Procedure Outline 

AFA LOGO BLUE (2018_11_17 17_48_21 UTC).

NANI & Cleared ETCH - Automated folder with exceptions: GDO trades & Off-Bass trades are held and manually processed. 


  • North American, Neighbor Island pairings, and now, ETCH pairings that have met (cleared) the required hold period will be processed automatically in this folder.

  • All of the option types available to you - Trade, Trade/Drop, Pick-up etc...all auto-processed.

  • RSV F/As may add a pairing(s) on GDOs, Trade GDO & R days.

  • If you receive a denial saying: Trade requests not allowed after 12:00 HST the day before the pairing activity - request in the Short-Term folder (below)


Split/Short-Term NANI & Cleared ETCH (Segments & Tomorrow Trades) - Manually processed folder


  • Trades inside of 12 hours from the Pairing date must be processed in this folder

  • North American, Neighbor Island pairings, and now, ETCH SEGMENTS that have met (cleared) the required hold period may be processed in this folder. All segments (splits) are manually processed by Crew Scheduling.


ETCH Trade Only - Automated


  • ETCH pairings that have not cleared the hold may still be traded like for like in this folder and are restricted to ER for ER, Turn for Turn. This folder is automated.

  • Please note that ER for ER, Turn for Turn, and Charter for Charter supersedes the Holiday for Holiday trade rules. Example: You could not trade a Turn on December 25th with an ER pairing unless they both have met the hold and have cleared.



ETCH Trade Short-Term  - Manually processed folder


  • ETCH Trade requests that fall inside of 12 hours of pairing date will be processed in this folder. When processing in this folder you would use the "Submit or View Requests" link to submit your trade. That will alert the Schedulers to process due to the time needed to adjust their international travel documents. Only pairings that fit in this time frame will be processed. There is no advantage of submitting your request that doesn't meet this time frame in this folder since it is manually processed the day prior to the pairing date. 



ETCH Drop Ony -Automated


  • ETCH Pairings must meet a 12-hour hold window (0600-1800) when trying to drop or trade with a non-ETCH pairing. If the trip is not picked-up (seniority award at 1800 HST) it will then convert internally to "cleared" status. You may then post it in the NANI & Cleared ETCH folder. You do not have to remove it from the ETCH Drop folder, but it is to your advantage to keep it posted in both for visibility. The NANI folder will allow you to use any of the posting options i.e. - Trade, Trade/Drop, Pick-up, etc... auto-process is available as first come, first served, rather than waiting for the 1800 award.

  • Priority re-arrangement feature is not available so multiple requests in this folder will be treated as first clicked to last. Award priority is given to the seniority of the responding FA.

  • RSV F/As may add a pairing(s) on GDOs,


Opentime Requests - Automated

  • The award takes place at 1800 HST daily. Awarded according to seniority.

  • Opentime Swaps: Depending on Reserve Ratios, higher success rates are found with day for day requests

  • Opentime Drops: Possible on months with above-average Reserve ratios- but the lowest success rate of any Opentime request

  • Opentime Pick-Ups: Highest success rate when adding a pairing to your schedule

  • "Waive Days Away From Domicile" check box - if your schedule will go below 6 days off at domicile, make sure you select this checkbox option

  • Language pairing buttons will be inactive if you are not qualified for that particular language

  • Responses will be more consistent and system generated

  • The prioritization feature is active - ou may prioritize any of your requests by clicking on the "Submit or View Requests" link and selecting the priority column.

  • RSV F/As may add a pairing(s) on GDOs,



BID F/A Trip Requests & GDO Requests - Automated


  • BID FAS can ADD or SWAP pairings by using the departure date of the pairing they wish to pick up or swap. Awards at 10:30 LDT the day prior

  • RSV FAS use this folder to request pickups on GDOs

  • If you submit a trip request and subsequently get the trip you want before trip request folder is processed, you need to cancel your trip request or your schedule could change

  • Click Here to read the memo from Brad O'Handley concerning Trip Requests


RSV F/A Trip Requests - Manually processed folder

  • The general button is still available for text requests - again, short and to the point is best. CS will be denying requests that have unnecessary information included.

  • Last Call requests using the "Other" button will be denied. Be sure to use the Last Call button to request low priority standby. However, if you want to include a specific request that includes a prioritized list that has the last call request in it is acceptable. i.e. "1) AM II, 2) low priority standby"


RSV F/A LAST CALL - Automated


  • Schedules are now preloaded with the RLV "call me last" designation. 

  • You can convert it back to a regular R day by reversing the process if you want to make a specific request for that day. Once converted back to R day, use the RSV F/A Trip Request folder to make the request.

Flight Release  Requests (Bids and Reserves) - Manually processed

  • Crew Scheduling will acknowledge receipt of your request with the following response: RQ RCVD / PENDING APPROVAL

  • You are not automatically approved. The "Approved" designation allows the Scheduler to acknowledge receipt of your request - pending approval.

  • Memo from CS: The flight release folder only captures requests. FAs can request Flight release which will be awarded the day prior to departure, usually in the evening. If requested through trip request, and all things are created equal, we will award in seniority order. If requests are submitted after 10:30 it will be F-C-F-S.

  • The system only captures the requests, so the ‘Approval” is only an acknowledgment. When actually approved, CS will contact the FA to advise.

HAL FLICA Crewmember Support
Use the FLICA Inquiry form located on this page
FLICA Crewmember Support


  • Monday through Friday - 07:00 - 18:00 (ET) 

  • Saturday - 09:00 - 17:00 (ET) 

  • Sunday and Major U.S. Holidays - Closed 




Crewmember Technical Support

For FLICA-related assistance and to resolve technical problems accessing FLICA.Net, call customer care toll-free at 800-659-9859 

Email inquiries should be sent to FLICASupport@Sabre.com



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