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Aloha Flight Attendants,

We continue to enhance our processes, implementing new and updated contract provisions which include improving some of our applications. 

Recall is one such process with updated CBA language (section 7.I) that allows for better administration. These changes will simplify the process, allowing clearer visibility of the recall timeline for Flight Attendants and better administrative capabilities for Crew Scheduling. The below changes will go into effect on February 7th, 2022 at 17:00LDT.

Here are the general steps of the updated Recall process

  • Step 1: When there is a need to cover multiple groupings with Recall, Crew Scheduling will send a notification text to all Flight Attendants   “RECALL- Crew Scheduling is offering recall for February 1st. The bid window will open at 19:00HST and close at 23:00HST. Please submit your request in the Recall folder in Flica.”

  • Step 2: Flight Attendants can submit requests (generic or specific groupings) in the Recall folder via Flica.            

  • Step 3: After the bid window has closed, Crew Scheduling will award recall according to contractual rules, in seniority order and notify those Flight Attendants who have been awarded. Flight Attendants who have not been awarded will be provided a denial reason in Flica.

  • Step 4: If after the award there are multiple groupings that need to be covered by recall, the process will start again from step 1.

Clarifying Questions

Q: How do I ensure I get text messages from Remind?

A: All Flight Attendants are on the recipient list.  If you opted out please text to opt back in using phone number: 81010 – message -@dd32f4 (HNL) or message - @f23ff8 (LAX).

Q: How will I know what’s available for recall?

A: Open time will show what’s currently available, but you can also make generic requests in case a grouping you want becomes available after you submit your request, but before the recall bid window is closed.

Q: If I am not awarded a grouping but after the award more groupings become available, how will they be covered?

A:  If the groupings can’t be covered with Reserves, Crew Scheduling can offer additional recall awards. If more groupings become available after the first award and it is determined that more recall is needed, a second recall award will be issued.  The process will start over from step 1 with a new notification being sent and Flight Attendants will have to submit new requests to be considered for this award. If more groupings become available after this second award, the process will repeat until it is determined that the operation can adequately be covered.

Q: Do all Reserve FAs need to be used before the recall process can begin?

A: No, Crew Scheduling can activate recall at any time to cover the flight schedule.

Q: How will I know if I was awarded recall?

A: Crew Scheduling will contact those Flight Attendants who have been awarded recall. Flight Attendants not awarded recall will receive a denial reason in Flica.

Q: If I do not get awarded my request in the first recall award and a second recall award is initiated, do my requests live on?

A: No, Flight Attendant requests expire at the end of each award. Flight Attendants must submit new requests for each new award.

Q: How do I submit my request in Flica?

A: Go to the Recall folder, hit submit-view-requests, click on Other, type in what you would like to request in preference order and then click on submit request.


























Q: If I already submitted a request but would like to change or cancel it, how do I do that?

A: To change or cancel a request, you must submit a new request. Only the latest submitted request will be processed.

Q: If there is only one grouping to be covered with recall, how will the recall be administered?

A: If there is a single grouping to be covered with recall, the old process of Crew Scheduling calling Flight Attendants in seniority order will be applied.​​​​​​​

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email Crew Scheduling @ .


Your Crew Scheduling Team 

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