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Q. How do I pick up an ETCH pairing if I can't post a pick up request in FLICA?

The reason you can't post a pick up in the ETCH drop only folders is because this is a known loophole that bypasses the seniority hold period. This is done to protect your seniority rights as outlined in the new contract. Here are the suggested methods for picking up an ETCH pairing:

  • Monitor the Drop Only Folder for a Flight Attendant Dropping the trip you are looking for (Don't forget the SORT button is your friend!)

  • Monitor Opentime - Remember you can submit a request for a trip in open time via FLICA  OR  PHONE. 

  • Use the BID FA Trip Request Folder in Flica for ETCH pairing requests.

  • Subscribe to the FLICA alert (there is a fee) that will text or email you when a particular trip becomes available. See the FLICA services link at the bottom of the navigation pane in FLICA.

  • You can also look for FA's advertising drops outside of the program by subscribing to hawaiianfas or halfas - example: "Dropping KIX 9-25 - in FLICA"


ETCH Rules

  • 12 hour hold period - 0600-1800 - Tradeboard posts after 0600 will roll over to the next day hold period

  • Seniority based award

  • Hold period ends without a pick up request? You may process it as a "normal" trade. Notify CS when submitting an ER drop for verification 

  • Turns may only be traded with Turns and Charters may only be traded with Charters. (Revised for January 204 bid period)

  • May not add "Reserved For" or add another FA's name in the comments section of your Tradeboard post and are subject to deletion

  • May not add a PICK UP request in the TRADE ONLY or DROP ONLY  Tradeboard folders and will be subject to deletion or not processed

  • Do not use the TRADE / DROP heading under type in the ETCH folders as this is a known issue that bypasses the seniority hold.

How It Works

  • There are two folders one is for TRADING and the other for DROPPING ETCH qualified pairings

  • When looking to TRADE an ETCH trip for another ETCH qualified trip you would select the TRADE ONLY folder 

  • When looking to DROP a ETCH trip OR to pick one up you would use the DROP ONLY folder




ETCH to ETCH Trade - I have someone that wants to trade their ETCH trip with me...

1. Log on to FLICA and navigate to the ER Trade Only folder and select Submit and View Requests. This is like submitting the "paperwork" we currently fax into Crew Scheduling. For information on how to complete a TRADE click here and select the "How to Trade" document


ETCH to ETCH Trade - I'm looking for someone to trade their ETCH trip with me...

​1. log on to FLICA and navigate to the ER Trade Only folder and select TRADEBOARD. When you select TYPE from the drop down menu select TRADE. All other selections will be either deleted or not processed. If you want to know how to post generically on the Tradeboard click here.




DROPPING: When posting an ETCH drop on the Tradeboard make sure you select "Drop" from the Type drop down menu. All other catagories listed will either be deleted or not processed. Please note that when posting your Trip in FLICA, the deletion date is the same as the pairing date unless you specify otherwise. 

PICKING UP: When picking up an ETCH Trip from the Tradeboard navigate to the ETCH DROP ONLY Folder. Select Tradeboard and locate the trip you want to pick up. Verify the posting date located under the person's name to identify if it is in the required hold period.

  • If it is today's date, look to see if it was posted PRIOR to 0600. That trip is currently in the 12 hour hold and should be awarded after 1800

  • If it is an earlier date, the hold period has been satisfied and it should be processed as a "regular" pickup

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MAY NOT POST A PICK UP REQUESTS in ANY ETCH FOLDER IN FLICA - it will be subject to removal or not processed.



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