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News Archive: August 2012

8/31:​ How do I pick up an ETCH pairing if I can't post a pick up request in FLICA? (Click on the ETCH Link from the menu above)

8/27: SEPTEMBER OPENTIME REVISION: Folder will open tomorrow, August 28th @ 12:00HST. The bid packet date (29th) was incorrect.

​8/26: PICK UP requests in FLICA: No ER Pick Up Requests in ANY Folder. These will be deleted or not processed by CS

8/25: September ER Folder Instructions have been posted In FLICA - Incorrect posts will be deleted or not processed by CS.​​

​​8/25: Please do not post September requests in August folders - they will not be processed.

8/25: Changes to phone requests are as follows:​

  •     Trip Requests NOT in Opentime are made via FLICA to include Flight Release requests for September Pairings.
  •     Trip Requests NOT in Opentime for pairings falling in August may still be requested via the telephone.
  •     Opentime Requests may still be made via the telephone and FLICA.


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